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Welcome to Qolle

Make money by watching videos online

We pay you cash for watching promotional videos. Join and earn with us.

What We Offer

Creative Marketing Services for Web Solutions


Promote your videos legally

We guarantee that only real visitors will watch your videos

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Earn money just by watching videos

You will get high pay for every minute you watch a video

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Best website support & consultations

Our consultants are always ready to provide support or advice

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about us

We Are Professional & Proven Marketing Studio

Our service specializes in video clip promotion and maximizing conversions. We will assist you in promoting your YouTube channel and boosting your profits.

  • Unique & Modern Algorithm
  • High Quality & Guaranteed Result
  • Online Support 24/7 Hours
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About Shape
What We Want
What We Want

We Want to Provide Quality solutions

We provide services to promote YouTube channels and increase sales and advertising revenue. We do not use cheat algorithms, all views are made by real users.

  • Increasing Conversion
  • Marketing Strategy

The service allows you to earn real money by watching videos. The received money can be withdrawn to your wallet or credit card.

  • High Pay
  • Instant Payouts
Project Statistics

Site Statistics Reflect The Real Scale Of The Project

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Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

We Provide Services In One Places

  • Competitive Rates

    Get quality services at market prices. We strive for long-term cooperation

  • Get Started For Free

    You can start for free and try our service before buying a plan

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Core Features

New Idea For Success Wed Development

Qolle is a service for legally increasing the number of video views in You Tube. It provides advertising services for videos to promote them and increase the number of views by real users. You can also earn money by watching videos.

How Does The Project Work ?

Qolle charges advertisers and gives some of the money to users who watch videos. The amount of reward depends on the Tariff plan. Users with a Trial plan receive the minimum reward. The more expensive the Tariff plan, the higher the reward for watching videos.

There are four Tariff plans of accounts in the project. One free - given upon registration and three more paid to choose from. The amount of reward for watching a video, the amount of referral income, and other opportunities depend on the Tariff plan.

Whether you can add your own videos to the project to promote them depends on Tariff plan. Also, ariff plan affects the ability to withdraw money from the project. To withdraw money, you need to buy a Basic Plan or more. We strive to make high-quality advertising and thanks to this we can pay a good reward for watching videos, so we cannot allow unverified users to withdraw money. The best way to check if you are a real person is to buy an Tariff plan, which will also give you the opportunity to earn more.


Integrating Cutting-edge Web technologies

Pricing Package

Competitive Price Plans Give You Benefits

Basic Plan

The tariff plan is purchased for an unlimited period

5.00 Choose Package
  • Reward per min: 0.20 $
  • Affiliate income: 6-3-1%
  • Withdrawal of money
  • Adding a video
  • Advertising Points
Standard Plan

The tariff plan is purchased for an unlimited period

50.00 Choose Package
  • Reward per min: 0.30 $
  • Affiliate income: 7-4-1%
  • Withdrawal of money
  • Adding a video
  • Advertising Points
Premium Plan

The tariff plan is purchased for an unlimited period

250.00 Choose Package
  • Reward per min: 0.40 $
  • Affiliate income: 8-5-2%
  • Withdrawal of money
  • Adding a video
  • Advertising Points
Payments To Users

Payments From The Project In Real Time


gb45rw 3.55 $ 21/07/2024 12:05
kamilzhan 4.50 $ 21/07/2024 11:38
elena1986 0.80 $ 21/07/2024 11:37
Aminka65 2.25 $ 21/07/2024 10:03
Pinky1984 1.15 $ 21/07/2024 08:15
rin77731 3.95 $ 21/07/2024 07:46
mo2312 0.49 $ 21/07/2024 07:45
Garric169 5.30 $ 21/07/2024 07:43
tykinaska 2.95 $ 21/07/2024 07:11
Ryba30 1.20 $ 21/07/2024 07:08
rokcportal 3.60 $ 21/07/2024 06:57
avdey2015 3.10 $ 21/07/2024 06:51
Blekgrach 3.15 $ 21/07/2024 04:56
JoKeR355 2.50 $ 21/07/2024 04:55
Realtek 3.95 $ 21/07/2024 04:54
tigran2016 2.05 $ 21/07/2024 04:54
Salim2000 0.70 $ 21/07/2024 04:52
Kaka416 4.05 $ 21/07/2024 01:46
pouliii 5.45 $ 20/07/2024 23:49
lerka 5.60 $ 20/07/2024 23:36
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